"For the good of all men, and the love of one woman, he fought to uphold justice by breaking the law"
—Official tagline

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is an American film which was released in 1991.


After being captured while on crusade Robin of Locksley returns home to England accompanied by someone who has decided to take his life debt to Robin seriously while he himself seeks to keep an oath made to a dying friend to protect that friend's sister.


Robin Hood Elements New to the Film

Character Alterations

  • This version of Will Scarlet is Robin Hood's bastard half-brother rather than some variety of cousin as he is usually. This change was wrought to make Robin the higher born of the two, when in the original ballads Robin was common born while Will was a disgraced noble.


  • Lord John, who is often in Robin Hood tales as the villainous Prince John, is not even mentioned in this story despite the hurdle he would prove to the sheriff's plan as the King's younger brother and rightful heir.


  • The Celts wouldn't have been pagans by the time of the film, having converted to Christianity long prior to the time of the Crusades.
  • Hand held telescopes similar the one Azeem uses did not appear until about 400 years after the film is set.
  • Azeem's giant blade has an entirely fantasy based appearance, with no similarities to blades of the era the film is set in or any other.
  • The title "Majesty" was not applied to or used by English monarchs until three centuries after the time the film is set in.
  • The Book of Common prayer had not yet been written, and so it would not have been quoted during wedding ceremonies of the time as it is in the film.



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